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Current Ministries

Breakfast Ministry

The Breakfast Ministry is a benevolent Ministry sponsored by the Sons of Allen. The Sons of Allen deliver breakfast to those community members who are confined to their home or have little mobility. Breakfast is also served to those who arrive prior to the opening of Church school.

Deaconess Ministry 

 The duties of the deaconesses shall be to encourage, foster, and improve the general interests of the church; promote the comfort and solicit the friendship and sympathy of the general public; cheer the fallen; feed the hungry; clothe the naked; seek out the homeless; encourage thrift; visit mental health institutions and prisons, and save the lost.

Steward Ministry

Stewards are to make an accurate report of all money, seek the needy, make accurate report of every expenditure, attend quarterly conference, register baptisms, marriages and deaths, provide for communion.

Stewardess Ministry

The stewardess are to assist the stewards in the discharge of their duties relative to the rituals of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; to provide and implement the elements of the Holy Communion and Holy Baptism; and to dress the pulpit and altar rail with suitable clean white coverings and polished utensils for these rituals.

Trustee Ministry 

The trustees shall manage all the temporal concerns of the church not otherwise provided for and shall have a treasurer elected by the board. They shall guard, for the connection, all real estate, churches, parsonages, schools, and any other property obtained by the local church.

Class Leader Ministry 

Class leaders are to meet the members in class once a week, inquire how each soul prospers, to visit their members from time to time, and to receive what they are willing to contribute to the support of the Gospel. To converse with the pastor frequently and freely; to report to the official board: those who are sick, those who walk disorderly and will not be reproved, the amount of money collected for the support of the Gospel.

Music Ministry 

We are proud of the music ministry of our church and the regular practice that it involves itself in. We have a choir that is suited for all age groups and gender.The minister of music, music director, or other comparable position shall be regulated by strict rules, including the obligation to practice regularly and to adhere the Connectional Music and Christian Arts Ministry Bylaws.

Finance Ministry 

To encourage tithing and holiness among all members. To monitor all purchases, encouraging competitive pricing or bulk purchasing for cost containment. To prepare a yearly budget. To develop a systematic voucher system To maintain records of income and expenses, To insure proper posting of all receipts of Church accounts according to proper accounting principles and guidelines established.

Lay Organization  

The Lay Ministry of the District shall teach, train, and empower its members for leadership; organize and train the laity so that each lay person may maximally utilize their God given abilities and skills.

Debutante Ministry  

The purpose of The Christian Debutante-Master is to provide guidance and information as to relevant study of field work activities, program suggestions, liturgical requirements and all other details. It shall also study the supplies needed for the preparation and presentation of a unified, coordinated program on the connectional, Episcopal district, annual conference, presiding elder district, local church, ecumenical and community levels.

Women’s Ministry

As women called to discipleship to grow in knowledge an experience of God through Jesus Christ, committed to support the mission of the church, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are challenged to help one another engated in ministry and action, and grow and respond in faith to God’s redemptive plan for the church, the society and the world.

Youth Ministry  

A division of the WMS Society, the purpose shall be to provide meaningful resources, training and guidance in all areas of church life which encourage full participation in the mission programs and activities of the entire church and this organization; provide specific training in Evangelism, Christian Social Relations and Education programs designed to increase knowledge of the AMEC History and the Scriptures; Facilitate and support opportunities for leadership experiences in the church and society; enable growth in stewardship in the church; foster a community, in which children, youth and young adults know each other by name, minister to each other and partner in servicing and witnessing for Jesus Christ.

Men’s Ministry  

To lead men to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Organize men into units and empower them to meet men’s needs in such areas as Evangelism and Stewardship; teach the men or our denomination the history, doctrine and polity of our denomination with focus on the life, mission and ministry of our ancestral father, Richard Allen; teach the men to witness their faith in daily living, such as in the workplace, the community, and the home; encourage men to engage in outreach and service as a part of Christian servanthood; seek resources and support of men and husbands and fathers; empower men to serve as role models to young men and to develop youth ministries such as scouting ministries, in local units; and to encourage men to share in ecumenical relations.

Usher Ministry

The function of a lay Usher is to escort and seat. Ushering is an  opportunity To come closer to the Lord’s work . The Usher reflects the dedication of the members and that of the pastor.. Our ushers adhere to  our Usher’s Manual, titled “The Role of an Usher” By A. Lee Henderson and Bobbye Henderson.

Church School

Church School shall be teach, train and nurture, adults, young adults college students, teenagers and children in God’s word; preparing them for Christian service by emphasizing Christian principles. Christian growth and maximum participation inclusive of creative and , multimedia products. All of which may also assist with the recruitment of church officers.

Christian Education Ministry 

It shall make careful study of the Christian education needs of the local church and the means for meeting these needs such as the correlation of the program of educational agencies for the various age groups; the recommendation and approval of curricula in harmony with the findings of the curriculum committee and the standards adopted by the Division of Christian Education; the supervision of recruitment, training and assignment of Christian education workers in the local church.

The Pastor Aid Ministry

It should be the aim of the Pastor Aid Club to assist the pastor. Assist with finance, with prayer, and with encouraging words and actions. Many circles furnish the pastor with clothing for special occasions, food stuff to assist his family, representative fees for special state and national meetings, and encouragement by prayer for all occasions.


Developing Ministries

If you would like to get involved, we are working to develop the following ministries:

  • Prison Ministry
  • GED Ministry
  • Prayer Line
  • Resource Center
  • Technology Ministry